Why Madraas Meals ?

"Madraas Meals" - the Homely Food

In this world of competition, not everyone gets time to leave home early to cook and eat, which results in often going out to a restaurant & many a time we end up waiting hungry and staring at the other person eating there.

This seed of idea, led us to venture in getting the Home-Made food delivered at your door step and there came the birth of Madraas meals, the right food for your appetite made simple, yet healthy & delicious.

"Madraas meals" is prepared at home without any added masala, as it is made with motherly affection. After all, "Homemade food is the best in the world".

"Madraas meals", a home cooked food, delivered to you. The lunch & dinner (as of now) are changing everyday. The right food with taste rather than a jumbo meal.