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"Madraas Meals®" - The Homely Food

In this world of competition, not everyone gets time to leave home early to cook and eat, which results in often going out to a Catering & many a time we end up waiting hungry and staring at the other person eating there.

This seed of idea, led us to venture in getting the Home-Made food delivered at your door step and there came the birth of Madraas meals®, the right food for your appetite made simple, yet healthy & delicious.

"Madraas meals®" is prepared at home without any added masala, as it is made with motherly affection. After all, "Homemade food is the best in the world".

"Madraas meals®", a home cooked food, delivered to you. The lunch & dinner (as of now) are changing everyday. The right food with taste rather than a jumbo meal.

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Corporate Catering

  • As a corporate, we would like to provide the best for your employees.
  • When it comes to food, we ensure that our promise to your employee is kept in-tact.
  • We take care of the standard and quality of food preparation and presentation in time labeling us from a different league in catering world.
  • We don't just stop with delicious food but we ensure that we contribute hygiene and health to your employee wellness.
  • Our kitchen house is built with the capacity of handling production to serve up to 5000 people per session per day.

Home(Maker) Cook

  • Madraas Meals® is a well established brand in delivering - Home styled food to your neighbourhood.
  • You can partner with us by becoming vendor - If you can cook delicious food with an intention of providing quality food and supply it on a daily basis.
  • If you are a Home Maker, who loves to cook and are looking for an ideal business opportunity, you can associate with us as a vendor and supply your home cooked food to us.

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We ordered food for people of 20.Taste,quality and quantity of the food was very good. Authentic homemade vegetarian food without any kind of preservatives.Packing was neat and convenient.Delivered on time. Price was very reasonable. I suggest to try Madraas Meals.

👍 A big thumbs up to Madraas Meals.

Ashwini Vikraman

We ordered for a group of 55 and found the food to be of good quality and in good quantity.All the items that we ordered were very tasty and all our guests liked the food too.Our inquiries and questions were promptly answered right from the beginning. The food was delivered on time. Overall, it was a great experience with good value for money.

Vidhya Jayaraman

I must say it is one of the best meals I had eaten in a long time.
Spices were perfectly balanced. No unnecessary masala, No unnecessary addition of onion/garlic in dishes. I didn't taste any spice enhancers such as Ajinomoto, MSG etc. None of dishes were too spicy or salty. No reflexes in throat/chest. I didn't find the necessity to drink water at any point of the meal. Quantity is good. Packaging was clean and nice. No plastics used. Everything was wrapped in aluminum covers and other compostable covers. Also the place has a "Good Hygiene" award on Swiggy, which is awesome!

Just what I expected...Keep going!


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